Brick Citi Buddha
& Candyss Love

Yoga, Meditation and Emotional Alchemy Teacher Certification

Yoga Alliance Registered School

Have you had major physical and non-physical breakthroughs in your life using your connection to self? 

Are you ready to study yoga, meditation, philosophy, emotion alchemy, and methodology to confidently be of service to your people? 

No Expert Level Yoga Practice Required to Start! We welcome committed beginners up to passionately experienced students.

Gain confidence through practicing and training in LIVE CLASSES. Start with basic 200 training, with ability to graduate to advanced trainings (500 and beyond)


If you believe it's your duty to Positively Impact In the World
APPLY NOW to BECOME an Certified Yoga, Meditation and Emotional Alchemy Teacher!

Be the change you desire to see in the world.
What is the Yoga, Meditation and Emotional Alchemy Certification?

This training was created for high achievers that desire to distinguish themselves as a leader in the yoga industry. Fast forward years by studying themselves and prepare to lead one person up to 10,000.

Meet LIVE consistently, with one of our passionate trainers.

We believe that LEADERS are needed more now than ever. 

It's time to show up in alignment with your inner calling!

Mission: World Peace Through Inner Peace.

G.O.L.D. Yoga Institute is a 200 hour and 500 hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School.

The G.O.L.D. Yoga InstituteTrainers have been featured in...
Why Enroll in the Yoga, Meditation, and Emotional Alchemy Training Certification?

Meet your new TRIBE of yogi friends that get you! Grow together.

Learn  VIRTUAL LIVE with Accountability! 

After Graduation, feel CONFIDENT as an authentic leader in the field. 

G.O.L.D. Yoga Institute is a 200 hour and 500 hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School.

Meet Our Trainer Team
Alicia Dugar Stephenson, ERYT500

Candyss Love

Dox Diggla aka Brick Citi Buddha

Terri Ellis, RYT200
Khalief Khadafi, RYT500
Dr. Kiva L Davis, ERYT500
Yoga Teacher Certification Investment

starts at $3999 
(200 Hour Level)

Yes, Payment Plans are Available


Graduate in 6-10 months
  •                                                                                            Training Starts March 6th
  •                                                                                       HYBRID [virtual and LIVE] 
  •                                                                                  Tuesday and Wednesdays 6-9p CST
  •                                                                                   Saturdays morning and afternoon                                                                                                                                                              
G.O.L.D. Yoga Institute is a 200 hour and 500 hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School.

About Lead Trainer
Alicia Dugar Stephenson, ERYT500
Alicia's fascination with the transformative power of yoga originates from her lupus diagnosis in 2009. Thanks to yoga, she has no more pain or meds! Life changing healing inspired her 3000+ hours of yoga instruction to spread yoga far and wide. 

As a conscious entrepreneur, she saw the need for powerfully connected yoga teachers and yoga entrepreneurs, so she founded the parent company of G.O.L.D. Yoga Institute.

Alicia is a published author. Her second book, Yoga Entrepreneur Workbook is coming out soon!

Order her first book, a chakras for beginners workbook on amazon. It's called Yoga Best Life by Alicia Dugar Stephenson.

Alicia's Mission is to spread "World Peace through Inner Peace". 
About Meditation Trainer
Dox Diggla aka Brick Citi Buddha
Dox Diggla, the Founder of MEDed llc. (Meditation Education), aka “Brick Citi Buddha” is a heralded highly sought after meditation teacher, mentor, life coach, counselor, artist, public speaker, activist & much more.

A survivor of suicidal attempts, depression, kidney failure & even blindness Dox rose from the ashes of his turmoil in legendary fashion to become a pillar of his community. A champion of mental health and spiritual wellness via his unique approach to Yoga, specifically meditation.

Dox's path to personal & community healing started with his studies in the ancient science of yoga through "Honor's Yoga" online courses.

Once securing his foundational understanding Dox chose to take a sabbatical within and continued to learn modalities from all over the world on his own which he now incorporates into his teachings in a style that's accessible to any demographic. 

Dox has already worked with an extremely diverse range of clients from the affluent to the impoverished, 1st graders to Ceo's and effectively helps his rapidly expanding client base discover the healers laying dormant within themselves.

About Emotional Alchemy Trainer
Candyss Love
Candyss Love is a published author, somatic, trauma informed, intuitive guide that teaches individuals, police departments & licensed professionals how to embody emotional alchemy, how to heal emotional trauma, wounds & voids by cultivating & nurturing real life skills that guide people out of their pain into harmony.

As a retired military veteran & police officer Candyss has devoted her life to the service of anyone in need or with the desire to evolve. She has guided hundreds of clients through their emotional healing process & now teaches licensed therapists, psychiatrists & psychologists how to guide their clients from a place spirit & intuition not just regurgitated info from books. 

Her own story of transformation, addiction & depression serve as the groundwork for transparency that helps others heal via her own wisdom & knowledge. 

Candyss is skilled in guiding those in need to a place of deep soul level understanding so they can live the lives they desire & enjoy the harmony of alchemizing emotional debris.
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